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Keramický zpravodaj 27 (2) (2011)
Kaolinitic clay contains approx. 8 % water, as can be seen
from the TGA analysis (Fig. 5), which results from physical-
ly adsorbed water (up to 105 °C), and at about 140 °C
Fig. 4
X-ray record of the mudbrick from the mastaba of Dahsure. Q-quartz, I-illite, Plag – plagioclase spar,
K-fel – microcline, Kaol – kaolinite, Am-amphibole (crocidolite, grunerit).
water is released from smectite. At about 400 °C, its
structure collapses together with the beginning of kaolini-
te dehydroxylation.
Fig. 5
DSC and TGA of the mudbrick
Temperature °C